Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Job

This is my summer job...guarding the yard from the living room. I'm very vigilant--no one walks into my yard unannounced, and by "no one," I mean no dog, cat, or bunny. If I see anything, I send up the alarm. This tends to annoy my mommy, who tells me to be quiet, but she doesn't realize that I'm actually protecting her. Like, for example, yesterday, when she was chatting to the mailman on the porch. She told me to quit barking the whole time she was talking, but I had to make sure that he knew that I was standing right behind her. No funny business with me around!

This is my job because Mommy said I have to get one to pay for all the furniture I ruin by digging myself a nice nesting spot at bed-time.

Yesterday was a good day. I got a nice nap while my mommy went shopping, and then a present when I woke up!  I got a grunter, the best kind of toy to chew! 

My job with the grunter and any new toy is to pull out the "grunt" and the stuffing. I like to get as many jobs as I can to help my mommy pay for all my expenses.

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